We're Passionate About Giving Back

The Pan American team resides in 8 different states, in countless cities and neighborhoods, but we’re all united by our shared passion for serving the communities around us. We believe in taking care of our own, including our Pan American team members and their families, our restaurant guests, and the communities surrounding our Panera bakery cafes.

Caring for Our Own

Taking care of our own is at the heart of our team and core to our culture. That is why in 2015, we started the Family Fund to support our team members and their families when they are faced with unexpected challenges. The Fund is entirely employee funded, with more than 66% of our team members participating.

These funds are used in a variety of situations including medical bills, financial struggles, and recently in North Carolina where several team members’ homes were flooded or destroyed during Hurricane Matthew.

The Impact of the Family Fund

  • 80.3% Employee Participation

  • $1,782,087 Donations Raised

  • 1,386 Grants Awarded


Pan American is proud to partner with many non-profit organizations and initiatives across the country. We’re not just about delivering exceptional dining experiences for our guests; we believe in bettering and serving the communities we serve.


At the end of each day, our bakery-cafes package unsold bread and baked goods to donate to local hunger relief and charitable organizations.